About Me

“My mission is to give people the knowledge confidence they need to make healthy food choices”

My Story

I am Irish but have travelled internationally for the last 18 years and lived in Canada, the US and Ireland but my main base has been on the Gold Coast in Australia. I am a vegan mum of three beautiful children and the founder of Living Vegan. I have been practicing as a dietitian since 2013 after graduating with a Master’s in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2012 at Griffith University. I really found my niche and passion in 2016 when I discovered the healing powers of a healthy well-planned plant-based lifestyle.


I have since spent my time attending plant-based conferences, undertaking plant-based nutrition courses and keeping up to date on published studies on this topic. Not only that, but I made the connection to animal welfare and the cruelty that is rampant in the dairy, egg and meat industries and I wanted no part in it.


I am a registered dietitian & nutritionist whose passion is helping people to manage and treat their health conditions & improve their health and well-being through plant-based nutrition. I am also a keen writer and outside of writing for some prominent plant-based magazines and businesses internationally. My children’s book Plant Powered Animal Protectors is available for purchase and my most recent children’s book publication called We Are Love is also available for purchase.


My mission is to help you to feel healthier & full of energy while aligning with your values and morals. What could be better than eating vibrant, healthy, antioxidant-rich food while also loving and considering the sentient beings we share the planet with.

How I can help

Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are long lasting conditions with persistent effects. Plant-based diets can help manage and treat chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, & some cancers. I can help you manage your chronic disease through correct nutrition & exercise.

Weight Management

I can help you reach a healthy weight through plant-based nutrition. Whether you have 5 kilos or 25 kilos to lose, plant-based nutrition is an excellent way to increase your fibre, decrease your calories & increase the nutrient density of the foods you are eating, all while still enjoying amazing plant-based food every day without feeling deprived.

General Nutrition

I have many clients who come to me to check over their nutrition to ensure they are eating a healthy and well-balanced plant-based diet. Some come to me because they have just begun their vegan journey and want to learn about this lifestyle, like food groups to focus on and supplementation advice. Others just need that extra reassurance on specific nutrients such as choline, protein, iodine, omega 3’s & iron.

Pregnancy Nutrition

This is a very special and important time in any woman’s life and correct nutrition is essential to ensure baby is getting everything required for healthy growth & development. Some new vegan women worry when they become pregnant and want that extra bit of advice, guidance and reassurance that her nutrition is adequate for her and her growing baby. Many think they need to start back eating animal products, so baby grows well, but this is not true! With a healthy, well-planned diet & supplementation, staying vegan throughout your pregnancy is totally safe & adequate.

As seen in

She supported me through the feedback that I was giving her, as each body works in a different way. I consider the communication one of the most important things when following a diet and when working towards a goal. Trust the process, be consistent and achieve your goals!


My cholesterol has dropped down to 4.8mmol/L and my blood pressure has reduced into normal ranges. My clothes fit loose around my waist and I am down 4.4kg already. I wish someone had told me about this lifestyle sooner. I am converted.


I am also trying to lose some postpartum weight and she incorporated this goal in the plan so I still eat enough to maintain my milk supply, but I can also lose weight nice and slow by adding in exercise to my days. I highly recommend her and will be seeing her again soon for help with my daughter’s nutrition!

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