Plant-Based Dietitian


My passion is to help people live a happy, healthy and long life. If you have been thinking about going plant-based or vegan but have yet to take the plunge, let me help guide you. I promise, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner! Do you want to improve your nutrition? Improve your energy levels? Or do you want to prevent or help to control chronic diseases? Do you require guidance on what to eat for your children or during pregnancy? Then I am here to help!

Book in for a free discovery call to see if I can be of help or if we align! Or if you are ready to commit and improve your health you can book straight in for a video consultation or email consultation. I look forward to helping you on your journey!

My Two Children’s Books Are Available For Purchase!

My books are available to order on all major platforms! Available in hardback, paperback and even kindle to suit all budgets and requirements. Plant-Powered Animal Protectors and We Are Love are beautiful books that teaches your child about love, compassion, health & connection.

Plant-Powered Animal Protectors highlights the beauty of kindness, respect and compassion. The story follows twins Luna and Zen who discover they have magic powers that can heal animals. It is a delightful story that your children will love. Even though it covers aspects of veganism, it is in a very gentle and easily understood way. Suitable for children aged 4-10.

We Are Love is lovely rhyming story that follows two fairies who journey through an enchanted forest to discover the purpose of life. The lessons from this story along with the beautiful illustrations and characters will be sure to hook your child (and the caregiver/parent) for all the right reasons. Suitable for children aged 4-10.

Areas I can help you with

Transition to Vegan


Weight management


Heart Disease


High cholesterol

Endometriosis / PCOS

General Nutrition

Digestive Health




Infant/toddler Nutrition

Nutrition for children

Inflammatory Diseases

Holistic Health


Meal Plans


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